“Brain Play” is a captivating animated song that teaches kids about their brain. Rhymes and catchy music help children understand and remember the parts of the brain and what they do. “Brain Play” is featured in NeuroPlay Adventures, Morphonix’s series of mobile apps for children age five and up.
Children learn about the part of the brain called the Amygdala and the role it plays in emotions in a short animated lesson. This is followed by “The Ha Ha Ha Feelings Song," an animated song that uses catchy music and rhymes to teach kids about their brain. The song was produced by Grammy-winner, Narada Michael Walden and written and sung by Karen G Littman. Amy G Dala leads the song telling how your brain and Amygdala helps with your emotions and feelings.
“Creativity” introduces children to their Cerebral Cortex with Sir Rebral Cortex and his creative twin, Nigel Cortex.
“Hippocampus Hip Hop” is an animated song that uses catchy music and rhymes to teach kids about their brain. Ms. Hippo leads the song telling how your brain and hippocampus help you remember while cute baby hippos dance around her.
“Breathe In Breathe Out” introduces children to their brain stem with Brian Stem and Ottomatic. Children learn how to use their lungs and breathing to enter a state of meditative relaxation.
“Cerebellum Helps you Move and Go” introduces children to their Cerebellum with Sara Bellum.
“Work Work Work in the Brainstem” introduces children to their Brainstem with OttoMatic and Brian Brainstem.
Stack blocks higher and wider as you learn how your Cerebellum helps you!
Use your brain to connect bridges, collect treasures, and be creative with them!
Reach a mindful state and understand emotions in uniquely captivating gameplay.
Remember The Brain encourages children to have fun using their memory.
Build your very own robot and find out what it can do when you give it a brain!
"Every Body Has a Brain" is an interactive musical brain game that awakens children ages 4 to 6 to the growing power of their brains. Playing the games helps children to gain a new sense of wonder and appreciation for their brains.
Neuromatrix is an immersive real time game, ages 11-14. You play a secret agent infiltrating a top-secret neuroscience research facility. Your mission: to track down and root out the Nanobots.
Neuron Galaxy is an animated, interactive story about a lonely neuron that wants to connect with other neurons. The story will help children to understand the basic function of the brain and appreciate what a wonderful, amazing organ their own brain is.
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