Now kids can listen to the original songs from “Every Body Has a Brain”, an interactive musical game that awakens children to the growing power of their brain, on their own. Musically enchanting, lyrically playful, the songs draw from a variety of styles to infuse kids with a sense of wonder about their brain and a mindfulness about caring for it.

Each song teaches something new, such as the importance of protecting your brain and the fact that you’re always using your brain. Along the way, kids learn what different parts of the brain do and that your brain helps you walk and talk and sing and play and a whole lot more.

The songs embrace a range of styles, from irresistibly danceable to gently mellifluous. Characters from different parts of the brain sing about what they do and why their part is important. Kids will absorb key concepts and facts about their brains as well as a strong sense of the need to protect and nurture them.