Remember the Brain Trailer

Use your powers of observation and memory to remember what you see in fun and engaging scenes. You discover the power of your brain as you remember more things in each round! As you play, you learn how your brain and hippocampus help you remember everything in your life.

Remember the Brain with Ms Hippo is an app in Morphonix’s NeuroPlay Adventures series: mobile apps, stories and songs that introduce children to the workings of the brain in a fun and engaging way. Although designed for kids 5-8, all ages will enjoy Remember the Brain.


There are three rich and engaging scenes, plus a Did You Know section with a Hippocampus song. The first level takes place in a park, where you need to remember items like a picnic basket, a lawn chair, a wagon, balloons, flowers, a butterfly, a dog, and a toy fire engine. The second level shows a school room with all kinds of school items. The scene for the third level is a beautiful beach, with exciting sea creatures, sailboats, and sand castles.

Each level has two dozen or more items that might appear in the scene, which makes repeat play new and fun, with thousands of potential combinations. Each time you correctly remember what you’ve seen, you gain a dazzling neurobit star. As you play more challenging levels, you discover how many things your brain can remember at once!

In the Did You Know section, Ms. Hippo sings the song “Hippocampus Hip Hop.” She explains how your brain and Hippocampus help you remember your friends’ names, where you put your coat, what you learn in school, and much more.


By playing the game, children use their memory to understand how the brain and a special structure called the Hippocampus help them form and recall memories. Children also learn to nurture and protect their brain because it’s the only one they’ve got!