Every Body Has a Brain Trailer

In Brain Train, children learn to appreciate how special and unique the brain is. You’re shown a sequence of pairs of items. One item in each pair has a brain and one does not. You choose which one has a brain and gets to ride on the Brain Train. Interesting facts about animal and insect brains enhance the fun. Brain Train includes four levels. The pairs get more challenging in higher levels. In the Bonus level, the nuggets of knowledge you’ve learned in previous levels are recapitulated in the questions: for instance, you choose whether an elephant or whale has a bigger brain, and whether a duck or a squirrel can let half its brain sleep while the other half stays awake. Brain Train is from NeuroPlay Adventures, a suite of mobile apps that introduces children, ages 5-7 to the brain using music, motor, and story-based activities and the forth in Morphonix’s award-winning series of neuroscience games.