Your Amygdala and the Ha Ha Ha Feelings Song

Children learn about the part of the brain called the Amygdala and the role it plays in emotions in a short animated lesson. This is followed by “The Ha Ha Ha Feelings Song,” an animated song that uses catchy music and rhymes to teach kids about their brain. The song was produced by Grammy-winner, Narada Michael Walden and written and sung by Karen G Littman. Amy G Dala leads the song telling how your brain and Amygdala helps with your emotions and feelings.

“The Ha Ha Ha Feelings Song” is featured in Morphonix’s forthcoming mobile app “Feeling Mindful.” Designed for children age five and up, the game introduces the Amygdala and the role it plays in emotions.

In the game, the player identifies the emotion that is different from the rest in a sea of balloons, birds, fish or faces. Once they tap the emotion that is different, all the rest change to display the new emotion. A customizing level lets players take photos of their faces displaying a range of emotions and make their faces part of the game.