Brain Balance Trailer

How many blocks can you stack before they fall? Learn about your brain as you stack and balance shapes. The act of balancing the blocks models the way the Cerebellum helps us stay on an even keel whether we’re riding a bike or running down a path. Along the way, you absorb interesting facts about the brain and how the Cerebellum is responsible for balance and coordination.

Brain Balance with Sara Bellum is an app in Morphonix’s NeuroPlay Adventures series: mobile apps, stories and songs that introduce children to the workings of the brain in a fun and engaging way. Although designed for kids 5-8, all ages will enjoy Brain Balance with Sara Bellum.

There are three levels, plus a Did You Know section with a Cerebellum song. Twenty shapes, including irregular shapes that increase the challenge of fitting together and balancing the blocks make playing the game again new and fun. Thousands of potential combinations are possible.