About this Game

In RoboBrain, you get to build your very own virtual robot. You choose arms, legs, head, and trunk, plus decide on colors for each. When your robot’s body is finished, you find out it needs one more part, its most important part: a brain! Now it’s ready for action.

You help your robot prepare for a secret mission by activating each part of its brain. You test out your robot by having it perform a variety tasks like singing, dancing, sneezing, laughing, reading, remembering, and many more. Each task is associated with a certain part of its brain. By activating your robot’s powers, you learn which parts of the brain are associated with specific actions. Each time you test your robot, it comes alive in a fun animation showing the result of your choice of brain part.

After you test the parts of your robot’s brain, your robot blasts off on its secret mission! More adventures await as you continue to enhance your robot’s brain as it travels into outer space.

RoboBrain is part of Morphonix’s NeuroPlay Adventures series: mobile apps, stories and songs that introduce children ages 5 - 8 to the workings of the brain in a fun and engaging way. It is designed for children age 5-8, but older kids will enjoy it, too.


RoboBrain presents children with a hands-on way to learn about the important parts of their brain and to see vivid examples of how each part helps you do daily things in real life.