About this Game

Thinking Cap is an app in Morphonix's NeuroPlay Adventures series of mobile apps, stories and songs that introduce children ages 5 - 8 to the workings of the brain in a fun and engaging way. Each app presents children with new wonders, new abilities, and new parts of the brain.

Thinking Cap engages children in problem-solving, observation, and spatial logic as they learn about the part of their brain most involved in those activities: the Cerebral Cortex.

Kids start out by finding cute little hippos hiding in trees. The hippos want to get back down to the ground, so the player builds a slide for them. The slide is made up of several pieces which kids puzzle together using problem-solving, logic, and spatial intelligence. When they put all the pieces together, the hippos slide to the bottom.

During the game, kids learn that the Cerebral Cortex fits over the top of their brain like a thinking cap. That is exactly what this part of the brain does: Think and solve problems!