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Research-backed educational games and apps designed to engage young minds and awaken kids to the miracle of their growing brains!
Our research highlights the valuable role computer games and apps play in presenting content about the brain to young children.
Most Popular Games
Brain Play
Brain Play introduces the stars of your brain with an upbeat and engaging song!
Brain Bridge
Use your brain to connect bridges, collect treasures, and be creative with them!
Remember the Brain
Remember the Brain encourages children to have fun using their memory.
Brain Balance
Stack blocks higher and wider as you learn how your Cerebellum helps you!
Feeling Mindful
Reach a mindful state and understand emotions in uniquely captivating gameplay.
Build your very own robot and find out what it can do when you give it a brain!
Neuron Galaxy
An animated, interactive story about a lonely neuron that wants to connect with other neurons. Helps children understand how amazing their brain is!
Every Body Has a Brain
An interactive musical brain game that awakens children to the growing power of their brains. Meet Phoebe Brainheart, a girl who loves to find out new things about the brain – all kinds of brains!
Lesson Plans for Educators
These lessons address numerous science & language development curriculum standards. They can be used in a variety of ways to teach about the brain. Find lesson plans for your students.
How the brain works!
The three pound wrinkly mass in your head might look like a bowl of pink jello, but according to many scientists it's the most amazing thing on Earth, if not the galaxy!
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