Morphonix Games
About Morphonix


Morphonix™LLC is developing a series of video games that makes abstract concepts of brain science fun and comprehensible to children and teens. Many software games spur kids to use their brains, but this is the first series of video games that also teaches children the science of their brains.

The company was founded in 1990 by Karen Littman to research the educational value of new media and technology and to apply this knowledge to the development of innovative programs that better educate and support children.

Children and teens are naturally curious. They're eager to know how and why things work. But spurring their interest in a subject depends on how it's presented: the story that is told, the play and interaction that are offered.

At Morphonix™LLC we are committed to finding new ways to capture children's natural interest in learning and to engage them more actively in the learning process.

Morphonix™LLC brings together two things that kids love: knowledge and games. When these can be woven together seamlessly, content becomes play and play becomes learning. Our games combine captivating stories and gameplay set in immersive environments.

Morphonix™LLC award-winning games include Every Body Has a Brain for ages 4-6, Neuromatrix for 11-14 year-olds, and Journey into the Brain for children ages 7-11.

We're living in a golden age of brain research. Neuroscience is one of the most exciting fields today and it seems a shame to us that so little was being done, both in and out of schools, to teach children about their own brains.

We designed Every Body Has a Brain, Neuromatrix, and Journey into the Brain not just to teach about the brain, but also to find the fun inherent in the subject.

We hope that our neuroscience games awaken children and teens to the miracle and wonder of their own growing brains, inspire them to take good care of their brains, and nourish their curiosity about the realm of biology as a whole.