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Every Body Has a Brain
About Morphonix
Morphonix is an award-winning developer of immersive learning games that make the complex concepts of brain science fun and comprehensible to children and teens.
Every Body has a Brain
An interactive musical with games, songs, and stories for 4-6 year olds. Meet Phoebe Brainheart, a young girl with an enormous curiosity about the human brain!
An immersive real time game, ages 9-15.
You play a secret agent infiltrating a top-secret neuroscience research facility. Your mission: to track down and root out the Nanobots

Our Latest Trailer
Meet Phoebe Brainheart, a girl who loves to find out new things about the brain! Visit the different parts of Phoebe's brain where you meet brain characters, play games, sing along with songs, and play interactive stories.
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